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We are vehicle enthusiasts located in Beverley, approximately 130 Kilometres east of Perth in Western Australia.


Many people have asked me why I've got out of my Jags/Rolls/Mercs etc and got into 20 year old Toyotas.
At the end of the day the JZZ/UZZ Soarers are all round better cars than their contemporaries, and there is no point in me buying a new or even 10 year old car as I won't have any excuse to dismantle and rebuild it. Even the Soarers need very little work but they are so cheap right now that I can buy several running and registered, plus several parts cars for much less than $10,000.00. All the Soarers I have do not have any rust, are in excellent mechanical condition (thanks to the bullet-proof engines and driveline), have factory features only just becoming standard on newer cars, and are easy to work on despite being very complex machines.
Most importantly they are very very quick, handle brilliantly, and are true luxury GT cars that really put a smile on my face.


Beverley Bed & Breakfast

The Shire of Beverley


Cars we used to own.


The Supercharged Crown
Ford Granada Dorchester Limo by Coleman Milne  

My Toyota Soarer Twin Turbo
Another Soarer Twin Turbo project V8 Soarer limited (UZZ31)
Michelle's new toy Building a Flight Simulator David's Soarer

Mini Computers Partwork Models
Keeping Chickens, a fun hobby

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